Uruguay was the final country I travelled through on my Central and South America adventure. If you’ve been following along on my previous country posts, congratulations on making it to the final country!


Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and is easy to get to from Buenos Aires in Argentina. A 1 hour ferry takes you straight across from Buenos Aires to Colonia del Sacramento, and from here you can get a 2 hour bus straight to Montevideo.

I stayed at Dolce Vita hostel in Montevideo, a friendly, central hostel offering a tasty breakfast! One of the best ways to explore Montevideo is on foot, admiring the many museums and palaces, or taking a stroll along La Rambla (the Promenade) whilst enjoying a delicious empanada!




Cabo Polonio
Cabo Polonio is without a doubt my favourite place in Uruguay! Cabo Polonio is a 12 hour bus ride from Montevideo but is well worth the journey! It contains a settlement of about 300 houses within a national park surrounded by sand dunes and set right on the beach. The only way into the park is on-board a huge 4×4 buggy to get over the dunes! I made friends with 4 other travellers on the journey into the park and we decided to rent a beautiful house right on the beach for 4 nights. It was perfect!



There is limited electricity in Cabo Polonio, so the visibility to see the stars is incredible! We spent our days here chilling out on the beach, buying food in the local market shop and cooking it on a bonfire each evening whilst drinking wine. Make sure to head down to the beach in the evening to witness the incredible phenomenon of the bioluminescent algae in the sea. I had never seen or heard of this before so was completely amazed! Cabo Polonio really is a magical place!




Punta del diablo
Punta del diablo is a tiny little town further along the coast from Cabo Polonio. It is worth a visit to meet the locals, relax on the beach and explore the pretty markets.

From Punta del diablo I made my way back to Montevideo on a 14 hour bus trip, crossed on the ferry back to Buenos Aires again and spent a day here before flying to Rio for my flight back to the UK. My trip had officially come to an end after an incredible 6.5 months!



I hope you have found these blog posts useful and are able to use them for ideas and inspiration for your own travels. If you have any further questions on any of my blog posts, feel free to email me at cloverseasclaire@gmail.com  x


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