It’s all about the journey…or so I’ve been told

When preparing to go travelling, you’ll most likely spend days, months, even a whole year planning and dreaming about the adventures you’ll have. But sometimes the best laid plans just don’t work out as expected! That’s ok though, because travelling teaches you to take these things in your stride. I thought I’d share the eventful start to my Central and South American travels…

We were sat at the gate, waiting for our flight to be called when an announcement came telling us the flight had been cancelled due to a problem with the brakes on the plane! At least they figured this out now rather than during the landing! We were changed to a different flight, 5 hours later than planned, which would take us via JFK airport instead of Houston, but that was fine, we’re in London Heathrow, plenty of shops to fill the time, all will be grand!

We landed at JFK to find that Steph’s bag hadn’t actually made it onto the plane and was still in London….not a problem, we can share clothes, I mean I’m only about 8 inches taller than her, but we can roll up the bottom of the trousers! Now if you’ve ever been to JFK airport (I hadn’t), you’ll know just how huge and busy it is. What followed was lots of running through the airport, Home Alone style, me carrying my huge backpack as our flight arrived too late for the connecting flight to check it in, looking like a pair of eejits. At one point, whilst running down those gladiator style escalators, I managed to bump into a pilot and spill his coffee on him, all’s going great so far!

We  made it to security and were faced with a huge queue, and security guards who were not happy to see me coming with a huge bag filled with liquids which could no longer be checked in. Next issue: what’s the code to my new padlock? No pressure, it’s not as if you have a questionable, slightly terrorist sounding Northern Irish accent, or a burly security guard standing over you getting more and more suspicious about why you can’t remember the code or anything…Eventually I managed to remember the code and then had the joy of watching said burly security guard throw away all my newly bought expensive items Goodbye shampoo, shower gel, suncream, aftersun (Pasty irish skin), dry shampoo.

So we finally made it to the gate with what we thought was only about 5 minutes to spare to find that the flight had actually been delayed for another half an hour, and there was no need to rush after all! Fantastic! Deep breaths Claire, don’t accidentally punch/murder anyone, just think about the beaches….We’re going to Central Americaaaaaa!


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